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WorldViz Trip


The visit to WorldViz in Santa Barbara was productive in many ways. I met new contacts and saw some cool technology. Brian Rossini, our sales rep, was more than happy to show me around WorldViz, introduce me to the team, and set up a demo.

WorldViz Dual Screen Projection System

It was an awesome experience! Using their dual screen projection system in conjunction with the Architecture Interactive software gave me new ideas for developing valuable training systems for the part of our company that works with the Air Force Research Lab in Shalimar, Florida. However, the 24 channel audio system used with the PPT E8 technology and the NVIS SX111 head mounted display (HMD) they integrate into the professional VR Solution was the highlight of the tour. Our HMZ-T1 goggles are amazing, but this technology really made you feel as if you were standing in the virtual environment. The pistoned floor shakers completed the experience by adding an impressive rumble right beneath your feet!

The final box for my trip was checked for this visit when Paul Elliot and I sat down to look at a specific Python programming feature I needed to include in the Atom Builder game, which is under development for our STEM students in Valparaiso, Florida. Paul and I were able to collaborate in minutes, what might have taken me days to figure out! (See my Nov. 5 post on the Atom Builder Game.)

I really appreciate the attitude of the WorldViz team and their hospitality as well as their willingness to show me around and help me develop innovative solutions for our company. I’m looking forward to using all of the ideas that were generated during this trip and incorporating them into our systems at Doolittle Institute.

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