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WorldViz Trip


The visit to WorldViz in Santa Barbara was productive in many ways. I met new contacts and saw some cool technology. Brian Rossini, our sales rep, was more than happy to show me around WorldViz, introduce me to the team, and set up a demo. It was an awesome experience! Using their dual screen projection […]

View Ports


Vizard has an extensive library of example and tutorials with Python code you can copy and paste into your projects and get fast, incredible results. One of their tutorials provides code for inserting a rear view port and a bird’s eye view port. I especially like the yellow indicator arrow on the bird’s eye view that moves with […]

Google SketchUp Warehouse


Here is a building that would be great to download and try out in the 3D immersive environment: St. Peter’s Basilica! Here’s the warehouse link. I’ll let you know how it goes. It looks like I’ll visit the WorldViz company in Santa Barbara in a few weeks. Depending on who is available, they may give […]

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