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5DT Ultra Data Glove


Today marked the installation of the 5DT Ultra Data Glove in the Demo Kit. This glove with five strip sensors, one along each finger/thumb, uses a Glove Management software to sense the position of each finger and represent it graphically on a timeline. It is possible to record this output file for programming interaction in the Vizard environment. This data should be instrumental for building vignettes and analyzing data in skills based scenarios. More on this later.

Currently, I am using only the right-hand glove, but once we purchase more kits, further testing and development can happen with both the right and left-hand glove. Functionality exists to incorporate multiple users with additional gloves also.

At some point it will be beneficial to purchase a wireless transmitter and battery pack for glove operation. The USB cable, which plugs into the laptop is only six feet long. Temporarily, a USB extender may suffice.

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